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Swim Meet 101

If you are a new swim family, great information on what to expect at meets can be found here.

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Tent Parent 101

For details on being a Tent Parent, click here.

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Background Checks

All adults who are in direct contact with our swimmers must have a current background check. The background check is good for 3 years. All board members, team parents, and coaches over the age of 18 are required to have a background check.

*Please do not do this unless it is needed because each application charges the league $. If you are unsure if you need a background check this season, verify first with the President.*

Link here: https://opportunities.averity.com/SWHoustonSwim

If your name is below, your background check is CLEARED for 2024 and you do *not* need to fill out the form again! (List updated 6/9/24 10:17PM. Do not fill out the form multiple times!)

Chantelle Abarca
Oscar Abarca
Eleni Agiz
Lauren Aguilera
Shirley Ansel
Tia Baker
Gus Banos
Olivia Banos
Meghan Barnett
Kristen Bedford
Nathan Bedford
Amanda Berman
Katherine Blanco
Joy Chou
Danielle Dancer
Sharon Donia
James Fields
Kara Fields
Kimberly Francis
Sarah Grignano
Jim Hargraves
April Harvey
Abby Henderson
Petra Hernandez
Beaux Hoffman
Julie Ibarra
Anna Johnston
Shawn Johnston
Merceflor Kirk
Sheila Lee
Jessica Levine
Lena Lieb
Nicole Machado
Allison Markello
Mely Martinez
Emily Merkley
Sam Merkley
Alex Miller
Lisa Mireles
Nhi Nguyen
Meghan Nolen
Adriana Palomera
Matthew Parr
Christy Qiao
Aubree Robinson
Jazzia Rojas
Jill Rowan
Samuel Skemp
Jaime Smith
Rebecca Smith
David Spann
John Stegemeier
Casey Toy
Sean Ulrey
Victoria Wagner
Ben Weber
Christian Weber
Michael Yager
Elyse Zeluff
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